Portrait Photography with a Difference!

Welcome to the home of Dream Time Photography, the place where dreams become reality.

Are you looking to have a portrait of you or your child created that is both unique and affordable? A portrait that captures the innocence of childhood? A portrait that both parents and children will adore for years to come?

Our magical portraits artfully combine digital photography with exquisite fantasy scenes to create images that look like they have stepped straight from the pages of a Fairytale story.

Each portrait is unique and hand crafted meticulously, layer by layer, resulting in a visual treasure that will delight both the young and old for generations to come.

This innovative style of portrait photography is available for babies, children and even women. Available scenes include Fairies, Mermaids, Elves, Ballet and Pirates.

Book now for that unique and stunning gift that will be treasured forever!

Gift Vouchers and Payment Terms available.

Too far from our studio? You can email us your favourite photo. Please contact us for more information.